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Merry Cheermas!

by Jason Kirby on
πŸŽ„Merry Cheermas!πŸŽ„ Hardscoop is thrilled to team up with the Carolina classic
to bring you this decadent Cheerwine & Hardscoop Holiday Punch. πŸ’πŸŽ„
Recipe below.
Single Serve:
πŸ’4 oz Cheerwine Holiday Punch
πŸ’1 large scoop Hardscoop Strawberry Sorbet
πŸ’Garnish with Brandied Cherry or Orange Slice
Party Serving:
πŸ’ 2 Liters Cheerwine Holiday Punch
πŸ’2 Pints Hardscoop Strawberry Sorbet (available in World Market + Lowes Foods in NC and SC and Harris Teeter in SC)
πŸ’1 whole orange thinly sliced (float in bowl)
πŸŽ„Serves 12
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