Coming Soon!  Hardscoop Orange Cream Pop


Vizzy Hard Seltzer and Hardscoop have teamed up to make a lusciously creamy frozen “pop” infused with the vibrant dual flavors of Vizzy and the brand’s limited-edition Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer. The Hardscoop Orange Cream Pop brings a burst of cool flavor and nostalgic vibes, reimagining the classic orange creamsicle into a never-before-tasted new dessert offering for those 21 and older.

The pops ship at room temperature, but should be enjoyed frozen, after chilling in the coldest part of your freezer overnight.

12.5% ABV    12 Stick Box

Available to order by those 21+ in most U.S. states on National Creamsicle Day (August 14), while supplies last!

Find your Vizzy vibe here:

Hardscoop Orange Cream Pop

Hardscoop Orange Cream Pop! Freeze yours today!